Sustainable, stylish and expressive design.



Decorative for the table and at the same time a functional protection against stains from moisture. Made in Sweden with design from Swedish artists.

Material: FSC-certified Scandinavian birch laminate.
Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

  • Coaster Fashion mingel 10,5cm

    Coaster Fashion mingel 10,5cm 74617

    Dimensions: d10,5cm

  • Coaster Fashion semester d10,5cm

    Coaster Fashion semester d10,5cm 74623

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Fashion drömliv 10,5cm

    Coaster Fashion drömliv 10,5cm 74627

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Tropic d10,5cm

    Coaster Tropic d10,5cm 74717

    Dimensions: d10cm

  • Coaster Baletthoppan 10,5cm

    Coaster Baletthoppan 10,5cm 74875

    Dimensions: d10cm

  • Coaster Tillsammans 10,5cm

    Coaster Tillsammans 10,5cm 74876

    Dimensions: d10cm

  • Coaster På väg 10,5cm

    Coaster På väg 10,5cm 74890

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Vingslag d10,5cm

    Coaster Vingslag d10,5cm 74895

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Blossom d10,5cm

    Coaster Blossom d10,5cm 74898

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Linen camel 10,5cm

    Coaster Linen camel 10,5cm 74948

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Linen ocean 10,5cm

    Coaster Linen ocean 10,5cm 74949

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Linen l.purple10,5cm

    Coaster Linen l.purple10,5cm 74950

    Dimensions: d 10cm

  • Coaster Linen grey 10,5cm

    Coaster Linen grey 10,5cm 74951

    Dimensions: d 10cm

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