Sustainable, stylish and expressive design.


Dixie's designers

To be able to develop best possible collection over time we cooperate with some of Swedens most competent and popular designers and artists. Always new angels and inspiration for new expressive and sustainable design items.

Cecilia Lundgren

Cecilia Lundgren's style is characterised by sophisticated, simple shapes that symbolise strength and attitude. She works mainly by hand using watercolours, ink or pencil, before fine-tuning her designs on the computor. Cecilia is currently a highly acclaimed illustrator, with a range of assignments for both Swedish and international customers. So it is with great pride we are able to present a comprehensive collection of illustrations she has created especially for Dixie. 

Maria C Bernhardsson

Maria has been painting all her life but when she was at home taking care of her first daughter she really got the time to spend time at art when her daughter was sleeping. She had a very strong longing for a house of their own and her longing took shape through beautiful paintings of houses in vivid colours, inspired by traveling, childhood and her own fantasy. Today she can make a living from the art and she has also found her dream house.

Karolina Palmér

Karolina Palmér has developed her art throughout her life. Her artistic expression can be described as a colourful, naive portrayal of people in different situations. She drawns inspiration from lyrics, fashion magazines and nature, as well as everyday life. Karolina's artistic development, moving from white walls to everyday items such as trays and cushion covers, reflects her desire to bring home the joy of everyday life to more people.

Lill O. Sjöberg

Lill is an educated textile designer and she has a recent graduation from School of fine Art in Gothenburg as well. She has been involved in many interesting projects with different companies during the years, as car seats for Volvo. Since a few years back she is mainly working with her own brand SKRYTA, with focus on sustainable design in reused material.

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