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These baskets are made from waterhyacinth material. This Oriental weed with its leaves reminding of lilys is growing in fresh water streams and spreads out enormously fast. By using watrerhyacinth when making our storage items we contributes to prevent the important fresh water steams to disappear. At the same time we can offer you a stylish collection of handmade baskets with both function and concern about the environment.

Material: Handbraided in Vietnam in high quality waterhyacinth.
Care instructions: Wipe off with a damp cloth or vacuum to clean.

  • W.hyac large drawers s/3

    W.hyac large drawers s/3 45101

    Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 20cm + 40 x 30 x 22cm + 48 x 36 x 24cm

  • W.hyac mini drawers s/3

    W.hyac mini drawers s/3 45103

    Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 9cm + 25 x 18 x 10cm + 30 x 22 x 11cm

  • W.hyac laundry basket round s/2

    W.hyac laundry basket round s/2 45104

    Dimensions: d 36, h 52cm + d 42, h 60cm

  • W.hyac square drawers s/3

    W.hyac square drawers s/3 45105

    Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 22cm + 26 x 26 x 26cm + 30 x 30 x 30cm

  • W.hyac small drawers s/3

    W.hyac small drawers s/3 45218

    Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 12cm + 26 x 20 x 16cm + 32 x 24 x 20cm

  • W.hyac laundry basket rect s/2

    W.hyac laundry basket rect s/2 45220

    Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 58cm + 48 x 35 x 65cm

  • W.hyac rect s/2 open weaving

    W.hyac rect s/2 open weaving 45234

    Dimensions: 46x38x25cm+40x32x25cm

  • W.hyac open weaving s/3

    W.hyac open weaving s/3 45235

    Dimensions: 80x40x40cm+38x38x38cm

  • W.hyac round basket s/2

    W.hyac round basket s/2 45236

    Dimensions: d30 h22cm, d40 h28cm

  • W.hyac frameless basket S/3

    W.hyac frameless basket S/3 45237

    Dimensions: d43h39/46+d39h36/44+d35h33/40cm

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